Nicaragua retreat

May 2018

A recharging and active week in jungle paradise, where you can surf some of the best spots in Nicaragua.

We will practice yoga in the morning and evening in beautiful locations around the estate, and surf, fish and trek in the daytime.

The resort is in a private hilltop estate with views of the ocean, volcanoes and mountains. Healthy delicious meals, snacks and juices are included.

No matter what your level of experience of yoga or surf, this is a great opportunity to improve your surfing, with surf spots available for all levels, and spend some time deepening your yoga practice.


May 26 - June 2


  • Shared accommodation in one of four modern villas with kitchenettes, fridges, AC and wifi with 360 degree view of the ocean and volcanoes.
  • Three healthy meals a day, as well as snacks, coffee, tea and juice. Fresh local fruits, vegetables and meats and local-caught fish (adjustments will be made for vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or gluten free diets).
  • Rooftop yoga at a stunning location overlooking the ocean and volcanoes (covered yoga locations also available).
  • Evening meditation sessions.
  • One free massage.
  • Airport transportation to and from the resort.
  • Transportation to beach, market and other trips.
  • Surf guiding, beach excursions, boat excursions (fishing, whale watching and sightseeing), hikes, culture tours, beach volleyball and ping pong and board games.
  • Private beach access.

 One week of food, yoga, shared accommodation, surf guiding, transfers and outings for $1750



Pic by Trika Yoga, Bristol

Pic by Trika Yoga, Bristol


Elly is a yoga teacher and surfer from the UK and an ambassador for brand Folklore Surf. Her yoga classes combine the Sun and the Moon elements of classical Hatha yoga to energize the body or stimulate deep healing. The classes include breathing exercises, meditation and postures designed for surfers. Check out an article Elly wrote about yoga for surfers here.

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Two Brothers Surf Resort

This family run resort is situated next to Nicaragua's famous breaks at Popoyo.

The resort is situated on a private hilltop estate comprised of over 32 acres, with private villas, a pool and numerous yoga venues.

Two Brothers Surf gave me the trip of a lifetime. I’ve traveled 90% of the Caribbean and most of Central America and this place was by far the best. Nicaragua is beautiful and the locals are extremely friendly, but the family that owns Two Brothers made the trip amazing.
— Jimmy

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