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I had the idea for Swell Yoga when I was living and working in London. On the weekends I would organise surf trips for my friends, I loved bringing people to the coast and helping them paddle out on a surfboard for the first time, or watching them run into the sea for an icy dip. I used to dream that I could make it my job but I was overwhelmed by the prospect of making such a big change in my life, and it took a huge loss to kick me into gear. In 2014, my older sister was diagnosed with cancer and died just a few months later.

I found that my yoga practice and getting back into surfing and swimming played a huge part in helping me with deal with my grief.

Two years later I trained to be a yoga teacher and set up Swell Yoga so that I could share the things that had helped me so much. Since I started hosting trips, I have seen how therapeutic the combination of yoga and the ocean can be. I have watched the weight drop from people’s shoulders after an hour in the sea.

Swell Yoga now runs regular trips to Devon, including Autumn getaways and summer camping trips, check them out. We work with an awesome team of people to give our trips a personal feel and also offer the best food, yoga and surfing possible. When I’m not running trips, I teach weekly yoga classes in Bristol.

I hope you can join the next adventure!

Elly xx


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