I have experienced many times how a dunk in the ocean can dissolve most problems, which is why I brought together my two passions (yoga and the sea) to create Swell Yoga in 2017.

Swell Yoga hosts trips around the world - from the south west of England to the tropics of Nicaragua - bringing together a passion for yoga and a love of all things aquatic.

I also work with other companies on exciting projects, such as the Mayo Adventure Weekends with Irish hunks of Big Style and the Not Just Yoga Retreat with semi-Irish hunk Barefeet Pete. I run weekly yoga classes in Bristol, including a weekly ‘Yoga for Surfers’ session at Finisterre.

I became an ambassador for Bali based brand Folklore Surf in 2017 and have been on my own surf safari ever since.

Who’s with me?!

Elly xx


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